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Teal Hogg

Wholistic Fitness Trainer

Teal Hogg has never been afraid to fail and this is why, at the age of 19, she is taking strong strokes forward in the professional surfing rankings. South African Junior Champion 2 years in a row, she has learned how to push through unpredictability so that she is always winning.

In your own words what makes you Unlike Any?

Besides the fact I have a successful athletic background and train at an elite fitness level. My mind is my most powerful source. I've failed a million times more than I've EVER succeeded. I've faced days, weeks, months and even YEARS of disappointment and It can become so soul destroying, if you let it. BUT.. it's something I've never been afraid of, I've never been afraid to fail, to try or to get hurt and feel pain while doing it. If I fail, I get straight back up, try again and push harder each time. But most importantly what makes me unlike any is, when I want something I know #IWILL get it. That's the difference.


Words by Winslow Schalkwyk

be like water

solid, steady and secure
unmovable in your resolve

silent in the midst of losing
knowing that within a cold force rages

incite times to change
and favour to fall like rain

be like water

falling, rising, content in being
push through unpredictability

be like water

free, comfortable and at home
no matter where the flow takes you

see the reward
unlike any other

knowing that within failure
the sweetest success can be found.


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