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Koinonia Baloyi

Women’s Health Activist

In April 2017 Koinonia Baloyi ran the London Marathon to raise R20 000 for Girls With Wiings, a community development project that she founded in 2016. The aim of the project; to collect and distribute sanitary products to homeless women and to restore hope. Koinonia proves that athletes can lead with their hearts and champion very necessary causes.

In your own words what makes you Unlike Any?

A pioneer at heart and I am not afraid to push beyond limitations. I love a challenge and take on any opportunity that allows me to teach myself and show to others that "Yes I can and you can". We are better and we go further together. In all that I set out to do, I work hard to ensure that I take others along with me on the journey so we all win together.


Words by Winslow Schalkwyk

I capture unknown territories
With every stride.
Pushing harder.
Aiming higher.

Hoping beyond what I know.

Claiming each new domain.
Knowing that hope can occupy concealed places.

A step forward for all the women
who have dreamt of open spaces.

Aware that we fly together
Like a flock of birds in search of warmer days.

Taking flight as I seize every day
With a determination unlike any.

Motivating myself.
I am my own champion.

Running faster even when I do not know the way.


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