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Ade van Heerden

Doctor and Lieutenant in the Army

Breaking through every barrier she faces, Ade van Heerden is a qualified doctor, lieutenant in the army, and was runner up for the Miss South Africa crown this year. How does she do it? By focusing her mind, training her body and looking for new walls to break through.

In your own words what makes you Unlike Any?

I become excited about the impossible. Any obstacle is a launching platform to me. I am a strong woman with massive career goals, but simultaneously I am soft and feminine. I am a doctor passionate about body health and balance, but I am also a protector of my country. I strive to inspire other women to believe in their ability and grow beyond what they think is possible. Under Armour represents what I try and live in reality.


Words by Winslow Schalkwyk

Every day I know this for sure;
There’s no barrier that I cannot break,
No obstacle that I cannot overcome,
No fence that in my presence will not fall,
This spirit will never back down.
This woman wears the crown.

As African as the pride that resides within lions
As strong and subtle as a roar

I am unlike any.
Here a fighter and a healer occupy the same body.
Here stereotypes come to shatter.

As I speak
words that build roads
into the impossible.

To a place of renewal, to be new, even if I never knew

That every time I win,

We win.


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